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User content, shall mean any audio, video text, images or other material you choose to display on this website. By displaying Your Content, you grant, Big Crunch Productions™ (BCP™) a

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The company name, "Big Crunch Productions"; its abbreviation, "BCP™"; the BCP™ Inukshuk Logo; the BCP™ blue, red, yellow, green, black and white colour palette; the BCP™ English slogan, "Think.Create.Explore."; the BCP™ Canadian French slogan, "Pense.Creer.Explorer."; the BCP™ Website logo, ""; the BCP™ character, "Charles"; the BCP™ Creative Artists' Network logo, the BCP™ Creative Revolution logo and the BCP™ social media hashtag handles; "#BigCrunchProd", "#teamBCP", "#thinkcreateexplore", "#pensecreerexplorer", "#BCPcreativearts", "#BCPcreativedesign", "#BCPcreativenetwork", "#BCPcreativerevolution", "#BCPmusic", "#BCPaudio", "#BCPvideos", "#BCPphotos", "#BCPgraphics", "#BCPvisuals", "#BCPevents", "#BCPsupports" and "#BCPbreaktherules" are the original, intellectual, descriptive trademarks and associations of the company, Big Crunch Productions™ of Brooks, Alberta, Canada.

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All media content published here are not on their native, original resolutions. If you want to use any media content or part of this website for anything, please contact us immediately.

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Last Updated: October 2019